Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Does it bother me?

I was talking to Fairyeggs the other day when I wondered something. But I didn't know if I should ask. I didn't know if it might bring up unexpected feelings. I didn't know if I would be opening a can of worms.

Fairyeggs, does baby E look like you? 

I'm sure at some point in our friendship that I have seen baby pictures of her, but I couldn't really recall much. I never really thought about asking her to see a picture because what did it matter? I was certainly going to think my son was the cutest thing on earth when he came (smile). 

Yet in this passing question. it seemed like a myriad of emotions could erupt. Sometimes I wonder if they will surface in her unexpectedly. I wonder if I should watch what I say.

It sounds all dramatic, but it really wasn't that big of a deal because as usual we can discuss anything. My moment of questioning passed as I remembered the strength of our relationship. The trust that I have in her to discuss something if it bothered her came flooding back. This is why we were able to do this in the first place!

So I laughed at myself and then asked her. 

Wouldn't you know, she wanted to ask me if I thought he looked like her! 


Like me, she didn't know if she should ask. She didn't know if it might bother me.

Aren't we the most considerate friends?



  1. It is amazing that you have this relationship with Fairyeggs. Lucky Baby E to come from a place with so much love (and consideration!).

  2. Congrats on your baby!!! I LOVE the photo!!! You are so sweet to ask... we would be honored for you to share anything and everything that we post!!!


  3. :) I love that she is in your life, and able to help you become a mommy. I can say as an adopted child, when people look at me and my birth mom, they see more similarities to my adoptive mom. It still melts my heart when people say I have her eyes, or nose or whatever, because I know deep down I don't, but that that person thinks I belong to her, because really do belong to HER, she's my mom!

  4. Oh wow - this is amazing. Love this!

  5. I read the info from Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings.....LOVED IT! Definately info that anyone who is thinking of going down this road should read! Wonderful!

  6. what an amazing friendship and bond you two share.

  7. Just curious how you met your egg donor? I am in the process of being one and my IR found me on an IVF forum.