Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Are you ready...

for CD1?

While we haven't wrapped up the contracts yet, we are going ahead with the the planning for il bel bambino (aka baby #2). With a few short emails written from my phone over the past week, I got my very own prescription for birth control pills to start today. I admit that this got me pretty excited because 1) I don't have to bleed for a billion days. Yay for me! 2) I get to start on another amazing journey.

I've got a lot of emotions swirling around me regarding this cycle. I'll try to sum them up.

I'm grateful. I'm grateful to just to have the chance to add a child to our family while also gaining an amazing connection with another family. I'm grateful that E will have a sibling and more 'cousins' to add to the list of people who love him.

I'm terrified. I often think of disrupted adoptions. Someone chooses a couple and then changes their mind. A very tiny illogical part of me is afraid that the couple will change their mind to share their embryos with us.

I'm joyful. Having E in my life fills me with joy at the most unexpected times...hearing his belly laugh, feeling the warmth of him while he curls up next to me, dancing to the Wiggles... I can't wait to have this joy x 2. Is it even possible to be that happy?

I'm scared. I'm scared that my cervix will fail me (better tie that sucker tight doc!)

I'm hopeful. I see pictures of the children from the family who chose us, and I just feel full of hope. What's he going to look like? Will he have that fantastic grin? Will she have that soft pink glow?

All I know now is that with this little birth control pill, it has started. Whootwhoo!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Spilt Milk

This morning I took the top off of E's sippy cup, put it on the counter, and turned around to get the milk out of the fridge.

E decided to counter surf and this happened...

Classic. I'm such a mean mom, I stopped to take a picture. :D

He was obviously fine and off on his merry way a few minutes later to drink his milk on the porch in the backyard. Thankfully the final icy patch melted last week!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I've been really dying to tell you the details of our match, but I'm waiting for our contract to be complete before I share. So instead, you get some TMI from me.  Fair warning. 
* * * * * * * * 
I've never had a regular period. My periods fall under the category of metromenorrhagia which means that I have excessive or prolonged bleeding at irregular intervals. So, I can bleed for seven to forty-five days and then have another period a week or maybe three weeks later. It's really obnoxious. Not only does it reek havoc on my sex life, but it also makes it really hard to be prepared. Thankfully I got turned onto the diva cup last year which keeps me from spending obnoxious amounts time in el bano. 

The only thing the doctors can do about it is put me on birth control pills. Yeah...so obviously that hasn't been an option for the last year. 

So tonight, after bleeding for almost three weeks and dieting like mad (11 pounds so far!), I found myself standing at the kitchen island eating these....

fresh raspberries along with a dab of...

Can you blame me?


Photos courtesy of http://www.vonthunfarms.com/spring and http://www.nutellachocolate.com