Saturday, April 14, 2012


This morning I got a random comment on a post I wrote a few weeks after E was born about the stank eye he gave me after his circumcision. The anonymous commenter said, "Why do you circumcise him? To make him look "patriotic" and "American"?"

I'm not sure quite how I should take this. Was this a person trying to turn the words American and patriotic into an insult? Was this person truly curious?

I must admit that my first thought was that someone was trying to insult us for this decision. If so, whoever you are, please go suck this patriotic popsicle. 

If by chance, you were truly curious as to why we would do such a thing.... I grew up in a religious community in which circumcision was traditional. AND I think it's appropriate that a son match his dad. If my husband had strong feelings against it, I would have let him make that decision. 

So there you go.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

to do...

I have just a few more things on my to do list.
The list that will happily bring me to the end of a degree.
A degree that started when E was just a few months old and is now ending as we head towards baby #2.
A baby we would be headed to much faster if my impatience ruled the world.
But alas, it doesn't.
My lawyer and phone tag does.