Saturday, September 29, 2012

Haha, no snow here!

I can't say that I'm sorry to be missing the first snow of the year at home. Why would I when I just got home from eating dinner at a fifties diner at the end of the pier on one of my favorite beaches? While my friends in Alaska are donning sweatshirts, I strolled along the pier in a shorts and t-shirt. Heaven!

Of course the reason that I'm in this delightfully warm locale is for our second FET. On Wednesday, I'll be heading in for my lining check and will start my progesterone that night. We decided to stick with the same protocol since despite it not working on FET#1 it did work on   E's cycle. The transfer is scheduled for Columbus day, October 8th.

But meanwhile we've been hitting Disneyland, the beach, and Mexican food with a VENGEANCE!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

a little vacation

While I categorize myself as a SAHM, I actually do work part time at an online university. I don't make a lot of money compared to the time I put into discussions and the endless grading. However, I love that it gives me an intellectual outlet along with a little money. As much as I love it, I'm super excited to have a six week break.

Coincidentally, with no actual intentional planning, my hubby has leave for the next two weeks. We didn't plan anything because he was originally suppose to have leave last month with the rest of his battalion before deploying, however with the reduction in forces over there, he's not going. Whoot whoo!

As for me, I thought by this point I would have my calendar and be gearing up to head back down to LA for our second transfer. I should have figured that my period would come when it damn well pleased -- so, I'm still waiting.

What this means is that we're having a little staycation here! I'm working on E's bday present which will look like this...

with some fun bright kid fabric. I'm also going to make a ruler growth chart like this...

Of course, these projects are sandwiched between playdates, activities, and camping. Everything outside is a little hit or miss since the weather started turning last week. Yes, you read that right. E has been rocking sweatshirts, long sleeves, hats, and rainboots most of the time.

The best part of this is just having a complete removal of any pressure on me. That's something to just really love.