Thursday, October 3, 2013


Dear E,

Today you turned three.

Every day you crack me up. One day you told me while watching "Monsters v Aliens" that they should go not to Fresno, but to Fresyes. Today when I asked you to say "Mommy is right!" (because of course your dad I were debating some nonsense), you said, "Mommyz left!" These are the prime examples of how you know exactly what you are talking about but feel the need to be a little different.

Some days I feel a little bonkers trying to deal with your independence that insists you can cross giant parking lots by yourself.  Other times your wiggleworm hand tries to squirm desperately out from holding my hand. You also think that running away from me in stores is funny.

When you run, I feel this squeeze in my chest from the adorableness that is you. You have sturdy legs and a really broad chest and trunk. Your run still has a bit of the toddler bobble that is priceless. You run with determination while you pump your arms and look straight at your target. Running isn't the only thing you do either. Whenever, there is music on you are always bopping along or do a full body groove. Every rock and curb is a chance to jump and balance on. Every cushion is a place to flop or bounce on. You just love to move.

Almost every day, you ask if we can go to the P-R-K. Apparently, I've spelled it so many times to daddy, that you have almost learned how to spell it yourself. Occasionally, you also throw in some other random letters which isn't surprising since we have a lot of acronyms in our Army lives: CGSOC, PCS, PX...

When we arrive at the park, you will usually find some little boy or girl to run around with. By the time we leave, I usually have to pry your hands apart since you love to grab their hands and run around. This really isn't limited to kids either as you often will go grab other moms by the hand and get them to join us in playing. As a side-note, you usually hit the blond moms first. Just saying. I love this about you though. I think you believe that everything is more fun with friends around.

Besides these things, this year you started: throwing and catching kisses while facetiming with auntie, granny and papa, riding a tricycle, and saying I love you to all of the people who catch your heart. You also started to call me a princess when I wear a skirt or dress up. You miss your daddy fiercely while he is at work and often ask me to call him.

When you were born, I felt like my heart expanded in a way that I didn't know was possible. Every day since then, you make it warm with love and laughter all mixed in with you being a crazy, goofy, all-boy toddler.

I love you turkey.