Thursday, April 28, 2011

1/2 Birthday (almost a month later)

I have been putting off documenting my dear boy's 1/2 birthday for so long that we are almost to seven months! Argh! I've been finding out  that all of those trite sayings that people say are oh so true. Take for example the phrase, "they grow up so quickly." How is it that I already have a six month old son? It still seems like he is so fresh and new to our lives that it is impossible to fathom that half a year has passed. My heart and thoughts have not caught up with the time that has passed. So here I am with a six month old celebrating his 1/2 birthday and I'm still amazed at our good fortune.

So what has six months brought my dear little E? (recorded actually at the sixth month mark BTW!)

Height, weight and head circumference? No idea as my scale is crap and the pediatrician is running far behind for their appointment schedule.

Food? Formula...usually about 20 oz in increments of 4 oz. Rice and oat cereal. Pureed versions of : sweet potato, green beans, apple, banana, and avocado! He is my hungry hungry hippo and loves to eat anything I give him which makes me cheer.

Activities? Still rolling from front to back, sitting up for a few seconds at a time, actively grabbing toys and trying to scoot around like an inchworm.

Adventures? Ha. Not this month.

Sleep? Still sleeping through the night with random wake-ups needing a binky, diaper change, or food. Napping is still spotty but generally occurring in the morning for about 45 minutes and then an our in the afternoon. Sometimes a short 30 minute snooze before dinner.

I've been writing blog posts in my head, so now I just need to get them down before they disappear into the recesses of mom brain. BTW, which photo should be the official six month picture?


Monday, April 11, 2011


Seriously after my last post I really just want to slap myself and follow it with a big 'get over yourself J!' Because honestly, I'm irritating myself. So this morning I headed back to the treadmill which always seems to help. I also allowed myself to completely focus on E today without allowing my work to hang over me. It's part of me learning how to just be present.

So now that he's (hopefully) asleep for the night, I'm off to build some curriculum.


Saturday, April 9, 2011


Have you noticed that there is still snow falling across my blog? That's because it's April and still snowing here. Bah. I'm ready for flip flops. I sat on front steps for about five minutes today because despite the snow we got two days ago, it was actually quite pleasant.

I've been in a pretty big funk when I'm not sitting in front of my computer working on a presentation or a paper. I'm still absolutely loving my time with my little man, but needless to say, anxiety is still getting the best of me on the other fronts.

Sister left yesterday after her week-long visit. <3 having her here.

Hubby is leaving tonight on the red-eye. Boo.

Got my period for the first time since E was conceived.

And while I'm complaining, thanks Congress for throwing everything into a tizzy by threatening a budgetary shut-down AND to PETA for donating a free vasectomy in honor of infertility week. That was sweet. Really.