Monday, November 1, 2010

So much for my plans!

Today starts Nablopomo - National Blogging Month!! You can click the cool link to the right if you blog and would like to take part in this.

So I had some great ideas for homages to the fact that yesterday was my son's due date. Today is also the first calendar month of his birth. Great great things to write about.

Instead, I am trying to make it through the days and nights without keeling over as I have mastitis AGAIN! Saturday night after a feeding I got the chills and a raging fever along with a bright pink breast. My whole body hurt in a way that no human should ever have to endure. Sunday my hubby took over all care of Baby E so I could sleep and pump and then sleep some more. By Sunday night I has a complete breakdown thinking about trying to care for my son by myself feeling the way I did. The nurse advice line sent us into the emergency room where I was given antibiotics and pain meds. Thankfully my awesome hubby was able to take an emergency day of leave to keep taking care of E today. Please let this go away soon.



  1. Oh poor you! Hope you feel better very soon, my friend!

  2. Ouch! Sorry you've been in so much pain, but good that your hubby was able to step up and take some emergency leave. I hope you recover quickly.

  3. I hope you get better quick. Go take a warm bath, I read that is supposed to help.

  4. Hope you feel better pronto you poor thing :(

  5. Oh mastitis is the worst! You feel like you're going to die! I had it when Noah was 6 weeks old, but my husband's idea of help was calling his mother - WHO I DO NOT GET ALONG WITH - to take a day off work and come over. Yeah right, buddy. I'd rather suffer through it alone.

    Needless to say I nipped that "I'm too important at work to call in sick" attitude in the bud and he would never suggest anything so ludicrous again. I'm glad your husband helped and that you got on antibiotics. You'll feel better very soon!! The antibiotics are like gold!

  6. Oh, sweetie! I hope you feel better soon, sweetie, and I am glad Hubby is able to be home and help out. You really are having a rough time of it! BIG HUGS! Hang in there...remember how much you went through to get here. You can do it!

  7. Ugh... Again?!?!? I'm sorry...

    I hope it doesn't last long and you get better soon!

  8. I'm doing #NaBloPoMo too! Looking forward to your posts.

    Hope the mastitis gets better ASAP!