Saturday, November 20, 2010

Date Baby Date!

Drumroll please.....

We went on a date tonight! What was even better than that mere fact was that we went to see Harrrrrrrrrrry!

I have to admit that this was probably my favorite HP movie as for once, DanielR's acting didn't drive me crazy. Best moment of the movie - "I am a free elf!"

The grandparents flew into the Anchorage airport last night this morning at the ungodly one o'clock hour. With an hour trip each way in addition to leaving some flex was a long night! Of course, it's absolutely worth it though. There's something fabulous about seeing my little man in his grandpa's and granny's arms. They have carte blanche permission to spoil him by holding him all day and showering him with love. Of course, it was great to be able to leave them with him to go see our movie too!

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!



  1. So proud of you for going on date night - nice! Also, that has to be wonderful - seeing grandparents hold the grandbaby. Adorable!

  2. I am already looking forward to hubby's parents coming to meet Cricket next year :) Sounds so great!