Sunday, November 7, 2010

The furbaby

I am a complete nut about my dog Sweetpea.

So when she accepted baby E without much hoopla, I breathed a huge monstrous sigh of relief.

I would hate to neglect her on my blog, so I present to you a video of her trying out her 'snow shoes' for the first time inside and outside the house. Ignore my insane giggling. I just couldn't help myself.

and for good measure, my other love:



  1. LOL, that is some awesome video!! Reminds me of our cat when we moved from Hawaii to Washington in the middle of winter :)

  2. So cute!!! We don't get much snow here (although we got TONS last year) so I've never bought my puppy snow shoes....and I have a feeling she'd try and eat them off her feet. :)

  3. Oh my gosh - that made me laugh out loud!

    Our dog did the same thing when we put the buffalo skin rug on the floor - the first few times she walked over it she looked at us like we were crazy for making her walk there; feet high in the air, prancing like a princess!

  4. I hope my phone eventually let's me load that video! Darn it!

  5. so funny! your mom and i were talking about it this morning.

  6. Awww, thanks jen for giving me a warm fuzzy moment. Sweet pea is the cutest! It looks like she's about to break out into a tap dance. And your laugh just made it all that much sweeter.

    PS - Baby E is delicious!!