Monday, August 27, 2012

Tweet tweet

I just created my new twitter account for by bloggy & infertile friends AND to hopefully get myself updating more. Anyone else on there? @KnockedupBAM


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thankfully I'm not raging anymore. Yay! A few days of camping helped me to pull my head out of my arse.

I also boosted my depression meds back to their original dosage which helped after a week or so. I'll be able to start pulling those back to a safer pregnancy dosage once I start my period and we ramp up for round two.

Besides that, my mom and I have been tooling around going to a few museums, baking, and playing with E. He's just awesome and well worth pushing myself to get back to normal. :D

Thanks for all of the support.

Love to all of you. xoxo

Monday, August 6, 2012


After my fantastic beta of zero, I congratulated myself over how well I was handling the failure. Since I was throwing a baby shower for one of my great Alaskan friends, I immediately threw my energies into cleaning the house, sewing, crafting (oh the horrors!...but so worth it), and cooking. Having my mother around to help and generally tool around with during the week made everything go by so quickly. The shower was a smashing success with happy guests and a delighted mama-to-be.

Fast forward to today....I'm just a flat-out wreck with my hormones raging from my flipping period. What set it off was the email from my  doctor telling me we needed to wait a month since I started on Saturday and would have needed to start my injections on Sunday.

I lost it at lunch getting mad at my hubby when giving directions to a new eatery.
Then I couldn't stop crying after getting upset.
Being touched in sympathy and comfort made me even more upset.
It wasn't pretty.
I'm just raging.

It took all I had to close down and pull it together for lunch.

Guess I need to put my infertility game face on.