Thursday, July 8, 2010

Belly Pix

For comparison:

11 weeks 5 days

18 weeks

21 weeks in hotel where we couldn't get a whole body shot!

23 weeks 

Weight: +10 pounds total....gain since last appointment: ZERO! The doctor's scale said I actually lost a pound or two on my trip up here. With non stop eating out, I feel like I've gained fifteen pounds. So today was a delightful surprise! 

Blood pressure: 117/75 today...woo hoo!

Clothes: maternity jeans, regular comfy athletic pants, maternity shirts with regular tank top underneath + the ever present hoodie since it can be chilly up here in Alaska!

Cravings: Still really love salad with ranch dressing, nectarines, mexican food, eggs

Actual Eating: Nectarines, apples, potato salad with boiled egg whites added, shredded wheat, yogurt, strawberry ice cream, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and ramen (possibly the worst food in the world but since I'm stuck in a hotel room...) our one meal a day that we typically eat out at Q.doba, a local mexican restaurant, Out.back, McDs (hang head in shame) or wherever I can get a good salad! I can't wait to have a kitchen again!

Move Status: Just finished the inspection on our house, waiting for appraiser, hoping to close by Aug 3. Refrigerator purchased. Windows measured for blinds. Fence estimate tomorrow.

Stretch Marks: I haven't spotted any but I'm on the lookout!

Baby Name Status: Need middle name!

Love to all who read. Hope to my friends who are TTC.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

The fish tank

My husband likened my belly to a fish tank the other day. You know how the signs on the tanks in the pet store say, "Please don't tap the glass"? That's what he likes to tell me when I rub or push on my little guy. It cracks me up since he likes to say it in a very stern authoritative voice. Mostly, I like it because I see my him start to show more of his interest in our little guy. His way of dealing with a potential loss is to not celebrate until we have that wailing baby in our arms. So while he obviously has interest, he doesn't express it as much as I do. I swear he things that I'm going to hurt the little guy because he also likes to pipe up with "abuse!" when I poke my belly. Silly man. I love him so much.
Today I finally got cleared to make an appointment at the hospital with the OB clinic here. Despite my hatred of making phone calls, I promptly called this morning because I really want to hear him since it's been a month! After that, I headed over to Air Force side of the joint base where the hospital is located. Looking at the hospital from the outside, I wanted to cheer and turn cartwheels.  It seems like the Army hospital facilities I have seen are clean and functioning, but not that nice. This hospital looks brand new and well spaced out which gives me hope that the delivery area will be nice! Of course, I had to fill out a ton of paperwork and then find out they don't have any appointments until July 27th. Seriously? With the Army, they would usually just look at me after saying this like it is my problem. However, the nice Air Force member, took the initiative to say that waiting that long would not work. I obviously agreed and pointed out that I am high risk with my lovely blood pressure and infertility. Hopefully I'll hear back from her as promised with an appointment. It left me feeling so hopeful that this might be a good experience to bring my son into the world.
On my drive over to the hospital, I got a very serious lecture from Fairyeggs that we are taking far too long to name our son. Over dinner my hubby and I were talking about this and laughing so we finally talked about a few names. He even pulled out his phone to retrieve the list I emailed him a few days ago (I am such a dork). I think one may have stuck, but we're going to mull it over. . . haha FE and Auntie D!
There has been much angst over the house as we have been working through an issue with the builder and the home owner association. It's been a roller coaster, and I hope we're almost to the end of the ride!

That's it for my thoughts from all over the place.