Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A little forgetful?

Thank you thank you for your well wishes. I don't deal well with fever and chills -- could you tell?  I made it through today and even felt like a relatively normal human being for a few minutes.
You hear stories about pregnancy brain, where preggos suddenly can't remember the slightest things. This totally happened. So why haven't I heard about mom brain?

Ever since my little man came I have become a virtual black hole for information. I have no idea whether it is the lack of sleep or something chemical but I have a mush brain! Yesterday I had to ask my hubby what kind of diaper we had just changed literally minutes before. Was it pee? Was it poo? Did it shoot across the room this time?

This morning I woke up fed my little man, ate an apple and chugged daily pills around six-thirty then headed back to sleep. Later around lunch I grabbed a waffle and noticed that I hadn't taken my Wednesday pills yet. So I downed those too. Wait. Wednesday? What day is it?

Yep, I double dosed because I can't remember what day it is!!! Scary.

Thankfully my little man is covered because I use an app on my iphone to help me remember what and when I've fed and changed him. LIFE-SAVER!

And the best part of all of this...the reason I'm forgetful (love my little squish!)



  1. Want to pinch those cute little cheeks:) Oh no, you mean the preggo brain turns into mommy brain? I need that app!

  2. A friend of mine dubbed it Momnesia. Heh. It's so true. I walk into rooms and stand there wondering why I just walked into the room in the first place. Even the bathroom. I am trying out the iPhone app you recommended to help look for eating and sleeping patterns, but it's a lot of work to keep track of everything! I have to keep my phone on me at all times and it's wearing out the battery from overuse!

    That is the sweetest picture...don't you just want to bury him in kisses when you look at his little face? I could smooch Jack all day long, and I do constantly when he falls asleep on me. I've warned him outright that as his mother, I will do this forever and I don't care if his friends are around or he gets embarrassed. :)

  3. Oh, dear, I am going to be in big trouble if Mommynesia hits, too. LOL. I'd better start app shopping now.

    My goodness! What big eyes you have!

  4. He is just so cute. I'm so happy for you.

  5. I apologize on behalf of all mothers that no one ever told you about Mommy Brain. It's a very real thing!

  6. He's sooooo adorable! And, those eyes, wow, he's going to be a little charmer with those! Hope you're Momnesia gets better with time! ;)

  7. Oh yes - momnesia is the reality!

    Love the picture - he's soooo cute!

  8. What a sweet picture! I hope you are feeling better!

  9. love those BIG eyes! It was great talking to you today! :)

  10. O-M-G! he is SO stinkin cute!

  11. SOOOO cute!! & we call our little guy our little squish too, so funny! reading that totally made me smile :)