Sunday, November 21, 2010

Got hair?

After being born with quite a bit of hair on his head, little E has been slowly losing it. I know this is typical of babies, but I can't help but laugh since he first lost the first inch and half from his fore head up. Tee hee. Receding hairline anyone? Already the regrowth is coming in so soon I'll be admiring every new hair on his head.



  1. Makes me want to kiss that beautiful little head :)

  2. Lambchop is starting to loose her hair too. She looks like an old man with a comb over and sideburns.

  3. It'll be fun to see how it comes back in!

  4. Noah had perfect baby doll hair when he was born, and then he lost everything on top at about 4.5 weeks. He did however keep a ring of hair around the sides, so he looked like a bald old man for a while. It's been slow to grow back and it's much lighter than at birth.

    And I want to kiss Baby E's little head too. Oh Jen, he is such an adorable little peanut!