Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Heart Shutterfly

Bloggers, now that spider monkey has arrived, I am in deep dark trouble. I have a love affair with photo cards. I am passionate about thick card stock and pretty designs. I rarely indulge in my own cards because after all who wants to hang a picture of me on their fridge? Baby E on the front of your fridge? That's a completely different story! So now that I have him to showcase, I am ready to indulge indulge indulge in my love affair. This my dears? This means that Shutterfly is now permanently on my favorite bar. Coincidently, Shutterfly is offering 20% off of all holiday cards.

Currently, I am working on my Christmas/Holiday card of baby E. This year has been so good to us so I'm here are my choices that express some type of joyful attitude. Shutterfly has some nice designs that make me happy. Here are the front runners:

If you want an up close look at the cards, you can find all of Shutterfly's Christmas cards by clicking HERE. Of course if you are going to go all out you can get matching gift tags and address labels! I <3 Shutterfly!!!

What do you think? Which one should be it for this year--1, 2 or 3?


*Full disclosure - I'm getting free cards for writing this blog - I <3 them before and now even more!


  1. I LOVE the second one! So perfect! And I cannot wait to make family Christmas cards of my own! :)

  2. I'm for the second one as well - simple yet joyful... It will be perfect w/ a pic of baby E!!!

  3. Numero 3, though all are fantastic!

  4. LOVE number 3!!! I LOVE Christmas cards and I have been racking my brain trying to think of a cute one for our pregnancy!

  5. #2 please. I think joy is an appropriate word for you this year!