Friday, November 19, 2010

Big Boy

My little man graduated today.

I'm sure this is one of many changes but it's the first for us.

At seven weeks, he has busted out of newborn diapers and is now swimming in size ones.

Even more, slowly we are moving out of his newborn clothes into 0-3 month old clothes.

It's bittersweet I tell you.



  1. It is, isn't it?! Baby B is still in newborn and is in some 0-3 month, and I am thrilled, but it also reminds me how fast she is growing. We are still working on getting into the size 1's!

  2. We are avoiding newborn clothes like the plague hoping to avoid that first insane growth spurt. Our poor kid is going to be swimming in his/her clothes. They grow so fast!

  3. My little guy outgrew his first newborn outfit this weekend (I think I shrunk it a little though...) and will probably be moving to 0-3 and size 1 diapers very soon too. It is definitely bittersweet. I look foward to seeing more pictures of baby E in his new clothes.

  4. OH! Growing up so fast! But the first of many healthy milestones. :-)