Thursday, November 25, 2010

What a day...

I woke up this morning to fresh snow coating the muddy slush from the last few days. It was the perfect way to start the day.

(you can see my sister in the bottom left corner)

Yesterday my mom and I busted out all of the prep work for the meal today which gave us a lot of time today to relax and piddle around. It also allowed time for the requisite heated family discussion which sent me into my bathroom to take a shower to escape. Across the street we watched through the window as the neighbor kids build five snowmen.  Patriots football was watched. Champagne was poured. Cooking commenced and massive amounts of food were eaten. All in all it was a great day.

More than anything, today I am just thankful. This time last year I was planning our last chance IVF. After two failed rounds in September and October, I wasn't very hopeful. I was still processing how the donor cycle would work and how the logistics would work with Fairyeggs. This year? This year I sit in my warm toasty house with the most beautiful boy. I am incredibly thankful that he is in my life. I'm surrounded by family who loves us enough to travel to the wilderness to see us. My husband and I love (and usually like) each other. My dog still warms my bed and makes me laugh. Life is pretty darn good.

Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving - sounds absolutely wonderful:)

  2. You have had quite the year :) And except for the argument, it sounds like a fabulous day. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What a wonderful day!!! I love this!

  4. Oh Jen, you have such a great way of expressing gratitude and thanks without it sounding all gloaty.... A lovely post.
    Your son is just so adorable. Look at those eyes, they are amazing.
    Well done you.

  5. I think I detect some beautiful blue eyes!!!!! LOVE IT! Miss you and Love you guys.