Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham

Yesterday when I went to write my post, I couldn't write about what I wanted to. So I just tried to sum up my thoughts. This is what started it...

Half of my mother's suitcase was filled with gifts from all sorts of people for baby E. One of the books that was sent was Green Eggs and Ham.

Now if you notice, it is not only Green Eggs and Ham but rather Green Eggs and Ham the Party Edition! Now if you knew the woman who sent this to me, you would crack up. Indeed this women personifies the party edition of life. I don't mean party as in the stereotypical imbibing massive amounts of alcohol manner...okay, wine and margaritas are usually involved. But seriously, when she's around it feels like we are celebrating something as small as as a fantastic cup of coffee or a big moment like seeing baby E in 3D. There is an appreciation of life that I see within her.

Our relationship has gone through many phases as I first met her when she was my teacher. Over time though, she has become one of my parents' best friends and an essential part of my family. Let's put it this way, she and her husband were the only people outside of the family who attended our wedding ceremony.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the day that her daughter passed away.

Knowing the love and joy I have felt in the two months of having Baby E, I can't imagine the pain of losing him after years of loving him. I just don't know how she survived to be the absolutely lovely person that she is today.

I know I'm not being very eloquent here but I think I'm too tearful about it to really put it together much better. If there is anything, from her I have learned to appreciate every moment.

Now I'm going to hug my baby.



  1. I can't imagine going through that kind of loss either. It breaks my heart to think about. :(

  2. Me too. I hope you are feeling better sif!

  3. What a sweet sentiment. And a beautiful friend.

  4. What a lovely friend - and I must say I'm fascinated by how 'Party Edition' works for Green Eggs and Ham!

  5. I can't imagine that kind of loss either. I would be devastated.