Sunday, October 4, 2009


The follies are cooked! Although I'm disgusted by runny yolk, over-easy is exactly what we are shooting for with my follies at 18, 18, 18, 18, 18 and a couple more well done at 21 and 22. A few are still in the skillet bubbling at a gentle 15, 15, 14.

My E2 level poured out today like orange juice at a tangy 1250! I gulped the news done as is this my new record for an E2 level!

The HCG trigger is scheduled tonight for 8:30 pm. I'm thinking positive thoughts that this puts the final seasoning on the eggs to mature and be ready for extraction with Dr. S. We'll be heading to the hospital on Tuesday around 7 am.

Hubby will be hitting the road tomorrow morning to make it in time for his donation on Tuesday. I'm planning to wear the Frankenstein socks (thank you voters) for the egg retrieval and then pink argyle socks for something homey and inviting for the (hopeful) egg transfer.

At this time in the last cycle, we were contemplating cancellation. So comparatively, today my belly is filled with warm news.



  1. I'm so, so, so very excited for you!! BEST of luck :-)

  2. Cooked to perfection! I'm super excited to hear the news on Tuesday! Your E2 and follie count sound great!

    You're on your way now!

  3. Yay, how exciting! And good choice with the socks! I'll be waiting to hear how it goes on Tuesday. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  4. Things are really moving along nicely for you. I love the Frankenstein socks. I can't wait for your next update. Good Luck on Tuesday.

  5. That is all good news. I am so excited for you. Go follies!! I hope the socks bring you good luck. Also agreed that the nice pink socks are appropriate for the transfer. You don't want to scare the embabies.

  6. Yay! Congratulations! Oh, I'd been meaning to ask you about your husband and what he does in the military. My husband was spend most of his enlistment at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, but went to lots of schools all over the place. He was a 67-T, a blackhawk crewchief. I think there were lots of reasons why he got out, but he still really misses it. When I told him your hubby was in Missouri, he wondered if it was a leadership school? Anyhow, good news about the follies!