Thursday, October 1, 2009


Starting off the day, I wondered if today would bring good fortune. I must say a resounding, "yes!" Here are the deets:

Follicles: Lefty - 15, 15, 12, 10, 10 Righty - 13, 12, 11, 10, 10, 10 mm
Estradiol: 755 pg/ml

Yes, you read that right! My E2 level was 755! Whoopee most of you IFers would say. But for my body, this is the highest number I have had in the past two years. Hopefully this indicates that my growing follicles do actually hold an egg that Dr. S can suck out next week.

In response, Dr. S is lowering my dose back to the original dosage which is his "rule". Since nothing over 600 iu has been proven to have an impact, he apparently always stays under this guideline. But he looked at me today and said I think you are the exception to the rule. Me, a rule breaker, ha. I grew out of that in high school because I always got caught! ;)

Way down, I am so damn scared that this is not going to work. Every step that we take I look for what the goal is for me to hit. Like today the goal was for my E2 to be somewhere from 400-1000 which is a big range. I was personally hoping for something over 600. So, today I cheer that I actually was in a normal range. But I know that there are still many more days of hoping to hit the target. One day at a frackin time.

On the way home, I stopped at SuperTar.get and picked up a pair of socks to wear on egg retrieval day. I found a pair of cute Halloween skull and bones slippers, but no really good spooky socks. So instead I went for the ultra-conservative argyle pattern. I'm not sure if they're the ones. So, it's a good excuse to go shopping. Of course Sweetpea had to check them out when I was taking the pic.

Meanwhile, up in Missouri, hubby had all of the household goods delivered. The furniture made it up there unscathed except for one shelf in are armoire which got the corner knocked off. Whoops. He went and played in ManMecca (aka Lo.wes) to find the light bulbs that were burned out in our new rental. Hmm....any excuse to go there! I'm so thankful that he's taking care of this for us. It will be great after the egg transfer to go up there and at least have a bed and some basics taken care of already.

After all of the fun in the morning, I dashed back to the hotel right before a monstrous headache slammed into my skull. After playing with Sweetpea, I dived into bed for a nap which kind of helped. I would like it to go away now, thanks for playing! Tomorrow, Sweetpea and I have big plans to go walking at the park and then head to the dog park area. Wootwoot! Maybe I'll even fit in a little ice cream break and call about a massage.

The next appointment is Sunday morning. I'll keep you posted!



  1. NOW that's what I like to hear! Way to go on that E2 level! So far, so good! Have they given you an idea of when your retrieval will be? I like Sweetpea's big 'ol head in your picture too! So super cute!

    I guess the doctor looked at my scans and said that I released the eggs that were there from yesterday. An "ovulatory change". I didn't look at the monitor while the tech was doing it because I just figured everything was fine. Ha. Boy, was I wrong. Crazy, huh? Like I said, I'm not really crushed because nothing monumental, like a retrieval, took place so I don't really feel like anything has happened. Interesting to see if this IUI works though. Stay tuned.

    When's your next appointment?

    Happy Almost Friday!

  2. Sounds great! I am glad your E2 is in check. Spending the day with the dog, ice creaam and calling about a massage! Sounds fabulous. Enjoy.

  3. Glad to hear your good news! So you're moving to Missouri? Where will your husband be stationed, or is he getting out?

  4. That's awesome!!! Things are looking PROMISING!!!

    Cute socks!!!!! :o)

  5. Thinking of you! I too have fertility socks. It's important. But they make you take them off and put on hospi slippers.