Sunday, October 25, 2009

Phone Call with RE

This morning I woke up to a phone call from my doctor. First, he apologized for waking me up. Like I'm going to complain that my doctor returned my phone call on a Sunday at 9:30 when my lazy self was lounging in bed! I'm just glad he got back to me so quickly!

He started off with a discussion that although the percentage of success is probably around 20% for my eggs, we could keep pursuing that if we wanted. I quickly stopped that train of thought because I am much past the emotional heartbreak that my eggs keep giving us.

Then he started explaining the logistics of donor eggs and the laws in Louisiana. Did you know that in Louisiana, it is illegal for a donor to be compensated for their "donation"? I was quite surprised when I had first learned this through an article on google. Although a lot of countries don't allow egg donation for compensation, it is quite a lucrative business in the U.S. with donor fees alone running between 5-10k.

Anyway, when I explained our situation with moving and the donor, he said that he was sure that he could find someone more convenient for us than trying to travel back to Louisiana.

He assured me that my donor information sounded good. Moreover, even though he didn't have someone right off the top of his head in Missouri, he does have a good friend who practices where my donor lives. I haven't found too many good things about two of the clinics where she lives but apparently the third clinic is where his colleague works. He told me he had tried to lure her away from her current practice many times to become a partner with him! That in and by itself is a great indication of her quality.

What I most appreciated about our discussion is that he is not just leaving me to the wolves even though we have moved out of the area. I feel he has our best interests at heart. As such, he's going to call his colleague to talk to her about us and double check the clinic's statistics before he sends us that direction. He also told me that I could call or email him anytime with questions even when we are working with another doctor if we had concerns. I think that's pretty awesome.



Also, I must say thanks to Liberal Granola Girl and Khiara for my nomination for the Kreativ Blogger Award! As per the rules, here are the seven things you don't know about me:

1. My husband and I met in a country bar in Korea.
2. I hate cake, but love pie and cookies.
3. I would rather buy dog toys than jewelry. (I just lose it anyway! Eek!)
4. I'm the only person in the south who prefers unsweet tea to sweet tea (sugary sludge, I tell you!)
5. My first year of marriage, I lived with my sister. lol
6. I never wanted to be a teacher. hahaha
7. Right now I should be grading papers but am instead blogging!

Have a great day!



  1. So awesome that you have such a great RE!

  2. Sounds like you found a great RE. I wish you lots of luck with your journey with donor eggs!


    P.S. Your pups are Adorable!!

  3. You are such a strong person. I love you for that.

  4. That is an incredible doctor. But what I love is how much you listen to your own heart.

  5. Awww, your RE sounds so nice. Right now I'd be happy if mine would just blimmen call me back!

  6. You have a great RE. I am sure he will only recommend the best. I am so excited for you to be starting on a new path that can end with that sweet sweet baby.

  7. Ok wait a second! This might be a huge coincidence! Was your husband stationed in Korea when you met? My husband spent a year at Camp Stanley as a blackhawk crew chief from 1994-95. How funny would that be if they both had been there at the same time?

  8. That is fantastic news about your current doctor helping you find a new doctor. It is great that you have a new outlet for your hope.

  9. I'm so glad that your doctor is so helpful! We should all be so lucky! Hopefully, you'll be able to get started soon and get a BFP!