Saturday, October 31, 2009

good day + a ray of hope

Yep, I had a date today! A blogger date! I can kind of be shy when I first meet someone IRL, so I was a little nervous to meet Mrs Pave! She's one of those people who you feel like you have known forever once you get chatting. Talking about the fun of IF, being married to military men, teaching...while eating a little Mexican food made for a really good day. Since we both have flexible schedules, we're going to hit some shopping a little later this week. Yippee!

Is it really Halloween today? I wouldn't know since my hubby wanted to be the Halloween grinch this year. We turned our light off.  Gasp! Yep, we were those people this year. It was probably much better for my mental health anyway!

There is a ray of hope that I'm daring to get slightly excited about in the IF ring. Might this be another piece of the puzzle coming together? ...keep all of your appendages crossed!

Happy Halloween!



  1. I am happy to hear some glimmers of hope are shooting your way! I am staying tuned!

  2. I bailed on Halloween, too. Not feeling it this year.

    Hope new plans keep sorting themselves out...planning is the only sane part of this process! Control freaks, unite!

  3. Happy UnHalloween! Glad you found a blog-buddy to share IRL time with - it sounds like the tonic you needed right now! And enjoy that ray of hope and excitement - it is well-deserved after the tough few weeks you've endured. Love your new blog decor, by the way! And thanks for your kind comment and wish for me on my blog - your friendship means the world to me, Jen! ((Hugs))