Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tired. 5dp3dt

A lot has changed in my scenery in the last few days.

The day after my bed-rest was over, my hubby and I packed up our vehicles one last time and hit the road for Missouri. My husband is an absolute monster who can drive twelve hours with two stops for gas and coffee. As a smart guy, he didn't expect me to do the same. {evil grin} So I slugged through the twelve hours, without caffeine and with the dog in my car. My saving grace was my family and best friend who talked to me when I started wandering off onto the rumble strips. Note, my dog jumps straight up and panics when she hears that sound.  I guess it works for more than just the two legged.

Now once again, I must say that I love my husband. Seriously, the man had half the house already unpacked. In the three days since, we've (the term used loosely) managed to unpack the other half, organize the things we're not unpacking, stock the fridge, get my fingerprints done for a background check, buy a sweet kitchen table, a new coffee and side tables, sweet-talk a pharmacy tech into expediting my blood pressure medication...whew, I'm tired just writing about it. Why am I so tired? I have no freaking clue because I've been resting at every opportunity and directing traffic from the couch.

It is grrrrreat to have my comfy belongings back and be out of the effing hotel room! Having a nice home cooked meal after three weeks of roughing it on salad bars, subway, and more and more restaurants meals is also such a relief. I was also relieved to see that the injectable induced bloating weight has dropped off. Yay for the little things!

The last time I went through this, I spent almost the full two weeks laying on the couch, gently walking my dog, and watching lots of TV. This time, I've handled it differently and it has certainly made the time pass faster. I actually have to look up how many days post transfer it is....that's a little strange right? Yep, we are at 5dp3dt. One of the fun things about moving right now is that I have to figure out where I can get a beta test done. So to add to the fun, I get to go to some strange place. This time, I certainly plan on using the POAS method. When can I test using one of those?

Until next time!



  1. "This time, I certainly plan on using the POAS method. When can I test using one of those?"

    I test every single day after transfer so that I can see the HCG trigger disappear...and then if I get a BFP I'll know that it's NOT the trigger. A trick my reproductive immunologist told me about. Try to get tests in bulk so that it's not a huge expense.

    Best of luck to you this cycle!

  2. Fatigue is a good sign my friend! Crossing my fingers for sore boobies and even more sleep for you soon! Can't wait to hear about your BFP :)

  3. I can't believe you guys moved in the middle of your IVF cycle. Talk about crazy! I'm sure it must be nice having things to take your mind off the 2ww (and clearly it's working for you - maybe I should move in a few weeks, too!). Good luck, I'm really cheering for you.

  4. Wow - you have been busy!!! Sending BFP and sore tata vibes your way!

  5. So happy you're getting settled and out of the hotel! I can't believe how fast time is going by for you too! Looking forward to a BFP announcement! Not sure if you got the blog award I'm giving to you, but if not, YOU WIN! DING! DING! DING!

  6. yay, home cooked meals are the BEST after eating out for so long. And you've gotta be proud of yourself if you are forgetting exactly when your transfer date was as most IVFers have that date tatooed in their brain and can think of nothing else. And feeling tired has got to be a good sign too right? Not that you're supposed to be obsessing about early preg symptoms just yet, but hey gotta find the positives somewhere don't we? Good luck, :)

  7. LOL...PEE ON IT NOW GIRL!!! :o) first BFP was 4 days after a I guess 10 days after they maybe wait two more days? Not much longer!!! :o)