Monday, September 28, 2009

Stimulating Day 4 Info

After feeling all panicky last night, I felt much better after talking to my lovely RE and SuperNurse S. I had emailed Dr.S last night and he emailed me back ironically when I was somewhere between the lab and the ultrasound room. Then, I read the email in between seeing SuperNurse S and seeing Dr.S. So when he walked in the room, I said don't worry, I just read your email while I was waiting. This kind of cracked him up.

I don't think I've ever really described my clinic to you, so let me give you a rundown on the players:

Dr. S, my RE, is a lean runner type who is simply a polite but funny and straight forward kind of doctor. He's not going to sugar coat things, but he won't bonk you over the head with news either. He's the doctor who stopped by to check on me an extra time after ER because we had such a low number of eggs. You can tell he works hard and long hours, but he still takes the time to dash out for a weekend trip to Cancun in his four days of down time between IVF runs. Whoohoo! I appreciate someone who takes time for themselves and family. I find these type of people tend to be more focused when they are at work. His office runs like an efficient little ship filled with smiling people who seem to enjoy their day.

SuperNurse S has this lovely Louisiana lilt to her voice that is common down in Lafayette. Despite working in an office with hormonal and frustrated women abounding, she's always calm, nice, and informative. If I have a question about needles or nearby restaurants, she's always there. Plus, she always calls me right back if I leave a message. That in and by itself is priceless!

UltrasoundExtraordinaire J is definitely one of my favorite people because she scarily efficient while wielding an internal U/S wand (there are other names for this, but since my mom reads this, I'll stick to this one! lol). When she found out I was coming down to stay in the area this time, she gathered the local papers so I could find things to do. :) She also tells me that my internal parts look "lovely" and "beautiful"--who doesn't like to hear that?

Anyway, these are the people I see every time I go...none of this rotating doctor crap here! :) Anyway, to get on with the big news of today...

Stim Day 4 lab and ultrasound results are tentatively *okay* but my already high meds are going up!

Left Ovary - 13, 12, 9, 9, 8, 8, 7 mm follicles Right Ovary - 10, 10, 10, 10, 9, 9 mm follicles for a Grand Total of 13! E2 level (estrogen) = 148

In contrast last cycle at this time, I had an E2 level of 62 and 16 follicles ranging from 6-12 mm.

My meds are increasing to Follistim 250 iu in both AM and PM along with the two vials of Menopur, 10 units microdose Lupron.

In other funny husband anecdotes for today, these are things I'm quoting from lunch:

After hearing that I had "low" estrogen numbers.

He looked at me and said with a smile, "My estrogen-deficient wife." My eyebrows creased and my eyes narrowed.

Smiling bigger with a deep voice, "My manly wife." I started to scowl with at WTF expression on my face.

He then asked me, "If you husband has more estrogen then you, does that make him your bitch?" I cracked up.

He's lucky that I love him.



  1. God, we're on opposite ends of the spectrum with the estrogen. When do you get to go in for your next bw and us?

    *Your husband is so your bitch! ;)

  2. lol. hubby's are great huh? Well, hopefully the increase in meds get your estrogen in line. Good luck.

  3. I am so glad you were able to get all your questions answered! Good luck with the higher dose of meds!!

  4. Your husband is so trying to wind you up. Hahahah! That's just because I'm not there this time to do it. Yeah for decent numbers!

  5. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, we need to swap some stuff ;) Here's a few vials of estrogen for you and here's a few follies for me. But then we'd be all over the news and people would be saying how bad IVF is and how those women don't deserve babies, blah, blah, blah. I've been feeling fine though. This morning when I woke up I felt more bloated than I have been the past few days and I've been so tired today and yesterday. Could be the weather though too. Went from like 75 to 55 today and daaaaaark and dismal. Blah. Anyway, can't wait to hear your report on Thursday. How's that headache working out? Still there? Hope you're better! Stay tuned, Friend.

  6. Humor is so important at a time of (legal) drugs! Nice readings with the crew.

  7. Man, your page is sooooo spppppoooooooooky now!

  8. Yeah, punching would be more likely if you start talking to me about "relaxing" and "positive thoughts" but I know that there is some truth to it. People *do* get pregnant when they least expect it. Yeah, yeah, whatever. I won't know who the doctor is until they tell me I'm scheduled. I'm hoping that because it's the weekend, whoever's patient is in there, that doctor has to do the retrieval. Ha. Wishful thinking. Looking forward to your update tomorrow!