Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Toddler Proof Tree

Step 1: Buy some two dollar stuffed ornaments from Target.
Place them on the bottom of the tree.

Step 2: Elevate your tree by placing it on a table!
Thanks for the idea Auntie D!

Step 3: Get some holiday cheer! :)

Step 4: Knock on wood.



  1. HAHA very cute. I got a laugh out of this :) Good luck!

  2. Nice!!! I'm still wondering what we're going to do since our tree already fit perfectly in our house and just brushes the ceiling as it is... I'm thinking about putting a cage around it.

  3. Our tree is being put in the family room that has a gate blocking the stairs this year. Phew. I haven't put half of our stuff out because it belongs on tables and I'm not battling that every single day. You have to pick your battles with these little people, you know? ;) What a fun Christmas this is going to be for all of us! ;)

  4. That tree now has a lot further to fall... ;)

  5. What a GREAT tree and idea!!

  6. Within the past few weeks Isaac has started noticing things (like the dogs) so I CAN.NOT.WAIT to get our tree up! Luckily he isn't mobile yet, we won't have to worry about that until next year.