Monday, November 7, 2011

Hard to Stop Myself...

While I might have made a decision about baby number two, my heart still jumps at the thought of getting pregnant. It's just hard to stop myself! For example, I was catching up on my blogs when I came across SIF mentioning that Dr. Sher is giving away a free IVF. My instant reaction was, "I could be that person!" Then I laughed at myself.

The same thing happened today when I read about DuoFertility. While it's in FDA trials right now, it's already available in the UK and Europe. Is it bad that I want one?

AND btw, there are four more days to enter my giveaway for 25 free Shutterfly cards! I have three sets to giveaway and only two people entered. Don't make me beg bloggies.


1 comment:

  1. I do the same thing as you. My husband is not in favor of having another child, and I'm trying to reconcile that with my tentative wishes to at least try to have a third. So even though I logically know we probably won't, I just think a lot about trying, especially every time I see a pregnant woman or a tiny baby and wish it could be me.