Sunday, November 27, 2011


I know the Elf on the Shelf is a great little tradition to start but damn, does the elf have to be so creepy looking?


PS. Any suggestions on a lightweight or umbrella stroller?


  1. Hey! The Elf is classic not creepy! Ours was mortally wounded last year when he decided to hang out on top of a light! Now a ribbon is covering the wound.....We'll see if the kids notice.

    Get a stroller that lays down!!!! I may be able to secure a Britax one if you want me to check. I know they do umbrellas now. I will also ask about another carseat too if you want. Good luck in school today!

  2. We like First Years Ignite. Got it on amazon and love it.

  3. He's creepy to scare kids into being good. I have a Jeep umbrella style that I really like.

  4. I think that we'll do elf on the shelf next year... and I'm kinda excited! :) Have you seen on Pinterest all the cool ideas for what he'll be doing every night.

  5. Ha I always thought this..then again the Rudolph and Frosty claymations on TV freak me out so bad we are not allowed trip watch them in our house.