Saturday, November 5, 2011

Meeting Great-Grandma

Recently, little E and I embarked on a multi-stop trip that first took us to Oklahoma where my mom's family mostly lives. One of my cousins recently got married down in the Caribbean and had a lovely reception back at home. So, finally little E got to meet this side of the family. A really important part of the trip was meeting his great-grandma. :) 

She completely won his heart -- just like a man -- through his stomach. For my whole life, she has always made her own fabulous wheat bread and cinnamon rolls. Unlike store bread, this stuff is dense and full of flavor. After his normal breakfast of banana and oatmeal, he would down a whole piece. I don't know where he puts it!

My cousin who got married is a former marine and a die hard OSU fan. While he doesn't know the details of everything we have been through, our struggle to have E has really made E special to him. He would keep photos of him on his phone and show them to his co-workers. :) My cousin decked him out in OSU gear and I made him a tie-onesie in the colors for the reception. 

Besides all of the family fun, the beautiful seventy degree weather gave little E some time to play outside. He was eating it up! 


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