Wednesday, November 2, 2011

GIVEAWAY!! (updated)

Although I didn't grow up celebrating Christmas, now as an adult, one of things I really look forward to in the season is the CARDS! I love receiving the cards with family pictures full of kids, dogs, decorations, and bad matching sweaters! There's just something about seeing my friends and family change over the years. 

My go to place for holiday cards is always Shutterfly. They are a greeting card haven! 

In past years, I have chosen the folded cards because I prefer cardstock compared to photo paper. However, this year I'm leaning towards the flat stationary cards that come in 4x8, 5x5, and 5x7 sizes. The very best part is that you can use both sides of the card for photos and writing. This works for me because I like to add in a little more information than you typically include on a flat card, but I prefer a flat card to a folded card because it's easier to display. This year, I'm going to make this to display my beautiful cards.

Keeping in mind that it costs more to mail square versus rectangular cards, I excluded square cards (and there are some darn cute ones too!) 

Among all of the holiday cheer, I'm in love with the retro or vintage cards like these holiday cards:

At the same time, I've also been contemplating sending out New Year's cards instead of holiday cards so that I can include my family who do not celebrate any holiday. Shutterfly offers some adorable options for these too. My faves are...

Besides the great cards, they have a ton of things to add on to make your cards extra nice and of course easier for you like...

Shutterfly is generously giving me free cards for taking a look at this year's cards (like that's a hardship!) and also giving you a chance. There are two ways:

A. I have my first giveaway! If you are not already a follower of the blog, become one by clicking follow at the top of the page or onthe right hand side of the page by all the pictures. Then simply leave a comment below and you are in! Three lucky followers will win 25 free cards!! I'll be leaving the giveaway open for one week. 

B. Do you blog? Want a chance at 25 free cards this holiday season? Register here:

Which card do you think I should send this year?



  1. You didn't celebrate Halloween OR Christmas? This makes me curious. Were you Jehovah's Witness growing up or something?

  2. I am a follower :-) And I REALLY want to be able to do holiday cards this year! As a family of 3 :-)

  3. I want to send out new year's cards, but their are a lot of really cute Christmas cards too. Pick me, pick me, pick me!

  4. I have pretty different taste in cards than you ... before photo cards, I really liked the ones with a very old-style Victorian Santa surrounded by woodland creatures, or a scene of snow and trees. Something very natural and not super religious (although I like religious cards, too, even though I am not very religious). But anyway, I actually don't really need the free cards, so please pick others if you get takers.

  5. I heart shutterfly. They do a really good job printing photos and books!!

  6. Longtime reader, first time commenter! I actually lived in AK for a while and tried to convince my husband to move there when we were ready to settle somewhere, but no go! Anyway, I would love the free cards- after trying quite a while, we finally have our family and for the first time, sending out Christmas cards seems appealing! Hoping all is well with you.

  7. oh, and I looove the first vintage card, in answer to your question. Use that one!

  8. Hooray for Shutterfly! I don't think you can go wrong with any of the cards, but my household is a fan of New Year's Cards. It makes the Christmas season last even longer and there is no pressure to have them out before Christmas! Perfect solution in my opinion. :-)

  9. I love the banner one, with the red! Its so pretty! I cannot wait to one our first family cards!

  10. I really like the New Years cards. I have always sucked at getting out cards of any kind (didn't even do the whole "we had a baby, check him out" ones), but you've inspired me to look into some ideas.

  11. I have to go with New Years cards. I too have a soft spot in my heart for cards. We have a half Jewish half other family and so a "Happy New Year" sends the best wishes to all without having to create multiple cards.

  12. i love photo cards - great for family since i live far away!
    lisae819 at yahoo dot com