Friday, November 11, 2011


My dear hubby was shipped to Korea for about twenty days while I was on my trip down south. I was incredibly jealous as I would go there simply to shop and eat. I can eat bibimbap and kalbi for days without getting sick of it! Since it is where my hubby and I met, it also reminds me of some good times!!

Regardless of my petty jealousies, we were super excited when Thursday arrived and we could head to the airport to pick him up. Over snowy roads we traveled the hour to the airport. I parked and went in to wait. Little E had just woken up from  a short nap and spent several minutes standing in one spot and just staring at the all of the airport sights. So when daddy came and threw his arms open for a hug, little E just stared at him! I think it might have hurt daddy's feelings a little bit.

Once little E warmed up to him again, he got his hugs and kisses.

Oh, my boys.



  1. Oh poor daddy! Glad he is home safely!

  2. That is exactly how Noah reacts to HIS Daddy after not seeing him. He is a thousand percent more demonstrative with Mommy than he is with anybody else. It makes me feel bad.

  3. Poor Daddy! I bet it will get better with age, but still, tough!!!