Saturday, August 29, 2009

Flapping Ears

Today I am not an emotional wreck.

Three cheers for not bursting into tears while painting!

I know, it sounds a little crazy to be so upset over a dog. I never got those people who acted like that until I got these two dogs. Really Pepper has been one of my kids for the last year and a bit. This is how I deal with not having munchkins of my own, I have dogs!

So here is how I am dealing with Pepper being gone: whenever I think about her, I picture her riding in a fire truck with her head stuck out the window. Her ears are flapping in the wind, and she's blissfully happy (The guy who adopted her is a fireman and plans to take her to work sometimes.) Then after a long day, she goes home to a happy family who pet her and yank on her tail. She loves it all.

Something that helped is Madhatter reminding me that Ceasar Milan says that dogs don't carry baggage like we do. Pepper is not sitting on her bed wondering why her mommy left her. She lives in the moment. So, since I had a text from the new family telling me everything went well last night, I'm trying to move on.

It's a little bit easier to do since I am dead tired from all of the painting and organizing to get ready for our move. My honey is an A-retentive-task-master when it comes to moving! Even though the Army will be packing and moving us, we still have to go through and organize everything. We keep the original boxes for almost everything, so we pack up all of our kitchen appliances, our fancy pots and pans, electronics, home decorations, etc. My husband calls it being organized, I call it obsessive! However, I'll be happy when none of my stuff gets broken. :)



  1. As a navy brat I know what you mean about packing!!! If you want something done right (and don't want it broken or stolen when you get to your new place) you've gotta do it yourself!!! Hope you can get some rest!!!

  2. You've got a lot going on! Packing and moving is hard work!

    Being a fellow dog lover and owner - my heart hurts that yours is hurting over Pepper. But you're right, it sounds like Pepper is settling into her new home and is with a wonderful family. I know it's not the same as being with you - but it sounds like you've given her the next best thing.

    Take care of yourself. Will be thinking about you!!