Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lucky 33

Between waiting for IVF round 2 (ding!) and waiting to move, I feel like I'm doing a lot of things simply to pass the time until these two events. There seems like endless lists of things to accomplish to prep the house for rental and to wrap up our lives here. However, since most of it is just yucky adult work, I simply look forward to the day passing so that I am one step closer to what is coming.

In my spare time, I have been searching for some optimism. Yes, my innocent optimism of IVF round one is gone. My bubble has burst.

So in my search, I realized that I will be turning 33 years old this month. Getting older never bothers me because, let's face it, my husband will always be nine years older! Haha honey.

Getting back to the point, I love pretty much any variation of 3 or the repeating of it (33, 333, 3333). Whether on the volleyball court or on the roulette table, it's brought me luck. So, thinking about the next year of my life, I have decided that 33 is going to be one of those years for me. One of those years that things fall into place and you are surrounded by people who love you.

Part of this is absolutely in my control and other parts are....well, not so much! I'm going to commit myself to a year of family, friends and the fundamentals (3 things :)) and let the rest of it take care of itself.

Family - My husband is actually going to be home for this entire year--hubby time! We're also already planning my family's first trip out to our new home Missouri for Thanksgiving which is my absolute favorite holiday.

Friends - Since my BFF and kiddos are now in Ohio, I'm planning to make a trip out to see them on a long weekend this fall. I'm also thinking about signing up for the Disney Princess Half-Marathon so that I could have a girls weekend down in Florida in the Spring.

Fundamentals - You know, back to the basics with exercise and food.

So, my hope is that while I focus on my life beyond IF, things will fall into place. My birthday then stim start! I hope I will find that 33 is indeed a lucky year for me. And that, ladies, is where my optimisim is starting from.



  1. COME ON LUCKY 33!!!! I'm so excited that you're gearing up for round two...sayin' a prayer for you friend!

  2. Very nicely said. Three happens to be MY lucky number also! Yay for us, both in our thirties and finding our grooves...I love your attitude going into round 2 (ding! ding! ding! go get 'em!!!)

  3. Here's hoping something happens in your 33rd year...and actually I think there may be something to it!

    I was 33 when I got pregnant in March (3rd month), after having seen my 3rd RE! Hmm...just let hope I don't have to wait till 36 to do it again!

  4. Lovely reflection! I guess we're both having birthdays coming up. I hope that this birthday year will be a good one filled with what you dream of most.

  5. I hope 33 does the trick! By the way, sorry to hear about your Pepper, but it sounds like you found a great home for her. Also, when you say you warp children's minds, what exactly do you do? I want to steal that line and use it myself! :)

  6. Ha ha...warping. :) I'm an elementary teacher, but I also have a high school English credential. I am always amazed at how much impact I have on my kids' lives. . . I joke that I warp them with my sense of humor. :D

  7. Yay for lucky 33! Thanks for stopping by my blog and being #12! I am adding you to my reader and to my list of people who I am sending out good pregnancy thoughts to!