Friday, August 21, 2009

We're pulling out the big guns!

Round 2 has officially started! Ding!

I'm starting off with my little prep workout where I take birth control pills for four weeks. Since I so recently had a knock down drag out IVF cycle, I don't have to redo most of the tests.

My first U/S and labs won't be until September 22. . . that means I get 4.5 weeks without driving down to Lafayette. My FJ Cruiser will thank me. My gas card will thank me too! Incidentally, that is two days before my 33rd birthday!

Then, the big guns are coming out...he he he [insert maniacal laugh]. We are switching to a flare protocol where I will be sticking myself 2x a day, 12 hours apart, with high doses of Follistim and Lupron in the morning and the same in the evening along with Menopur.

If my estrodiol and eggs decide to show up this time, we'll be doing the egg retrieval October 6th.

Today, I actually got to take my husband to an appointment with me. Seriously, I am married people!


  1. Yay for a new game plan and BIG GUNS!!! GO GET 'EM GIRL!!! :o)

  2. Can I just say yeah for taking your husband with you, so now they will really believe I was your sister and not your partner. Hahah!