Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Seriously is it the progesterone shots and estrogen pills that are making my appetite like a giant monster? Usually, I find myself a little hungry at each meal if I eat reasonably during the day. If I eat something gigantic and fat-filled like I did at lunch (yep, I was bad), I'm usually good for a long while. But not any more! No way, starving all the time! The hungry monster is killing me! Please tell me this is me being pregnant!



  1. i believe you are pregnant!!!!

  2. I've been eating more lately...definitely. Yesterday for lunch I had a three egg/ham & cheese omelet (just one egg and two egg whites though!), a bunch of strawberries, pineapple...then I had half of a HUGE blueberry muffin...and I was still hungry so I ate a bag of peanut M & M's. My DH was like WOAH.

    I vote you are PREGGO!!!!! :o)

  3. you very well could be pregnant... (which i hope!) but it could be the evil progesterone too... i'm always ravenous on it... i've not dealt with the estrogen so i'm not sure on that front... can't wait for your beta... :)