Sunday, August 9, 2009


As you might have seen on my page, I have two adorable and loving American Bulldogs named Sweetpea and Pepper. However, they are not always so sweet and loving towards each other. Today, Pepper got her teeth caught on her kennel which for some reason completely ticked off Sweetpea. She went off on the cage and tore her mouth up which of course got Pepper also riled up which tore her mouth up. Meanwhile dog blood and slobber flew all across my wheat colored carpet until my sister and I managed to get Sweetpea away from the cage. Meanwhile, my anxiety level is going through the roof! This is not good for the embaby implanting!

I don't get why this kind of thing happens. The dominance issues have been worked out, we know who the pack leader is, WTF?

V called after I wrote him an email. He said, "We can't have this happening if we have a baby in the house." Yep. I can't wait for him to come home and help.


  1. Thanks for your comments and the award! I've been a little distracted so it took me a while to catch up on your journey. I bet you're getting so excited to see your husband!! I hope he has a safe trip home to you and your little embaby. Sorry to hear about your dogs. Sounds like Cesar Milan needs to visit. :) Sending you lots of positive vibes for a positive beta! When will you know?

  2. August 17th is my first beta! Hubby will be coming home right around those few days, so either way I'll get something good!