Monday, August 10, 2009

A little bit of crazy...

I feel a little bit of crazy today....

*I finally left the house since after my transfer. Yes, I've been obsessively resting this whole time.

*I refuse to clean my house because I'm afraid of the chemicals.

*I had a profuse hot flash today, that I really think was due to using the hair dryer in this effing humid climate! My friend and sister both attributed it to being PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise, for all of you non-IFers.) It continued on and off throughout the day. Are hot flashes even a symptom?

*Slight cramping is a good sign right? Am I imagining it? Am I just digesting food?

*Looking all the BFPs from other bloggers from home-pregnancy tests has made me start thinking of them....say no, say no, say no.

*I wanted to yell at the Sears Service people when they said I had to be home from 8-5 for the service call tomorrow. Seriously people, you can't give me a smaller window? You can't call before you show up?

*Between 5-8 days until hubby comes home from Iraq.

*7 more days until my first beta.

How am I going to wait when I'm scared to do anything to upset the womb? Going coo-coo!



  1. i am so hoping that in 7 days we will hear good news!!!!

    do not upset the womb.

  2. I am praying so hard for you!!!!! And WOOHOO for your hubby coming back soon =)

    Yeah, I'm sure that I will be obsessively resting after our first IUI. Thank you for all of your support and I know that I will be asking lots of questions. It's good to hear that Dr. S takes measures to keep the numbers down.

    Keep resting, relaxing and not upsertting the womb =)

  3. Its don't want to lift anything, touch anything, or SNEEZE after they put that little embie in you!!! Once my DH made me laugh so hard and I was like STOP!!!! You're gonna knock it out of me!!!!!!! :o)

    Come on BFP!!!!!!!