Thursday, August 6, 2009

One Perfect Little Embryo

Today I had one perfectly formed embryo transferred! It's absolutely amazing that out of my three little eggs, one fertilized and managed to turn into a perfect, grade 1, non-fragmented embryo. What are the chances of that considering everything that has gone wrong?

The process was easy with two little Valium pills to relax the uterus, about ten minutes with an U/S and speculum (just can't get enough of those), and to keep me focused, a picture of my embaby on another screen. I got to watch as he inserted everything via the ultrasound monitor too...kind of cool.

Taking it easy for the next two days is the game plan. Dr. S told me that I've been great throughout the process and in remaining positive. So I am laying here sending positive thoughts down that direction! LOL

In other good news, I felt like a normal human being this morning before the transfer. Some of the crappy drug weight dropped off in the last few days, and I finally felt like I didn't have a fake prego belly. Of course that has changed now as I feel like I'm puffy again which makes no sense since they only inserted the smallest little embaby this morning.

Send good thoughts over the next few days!


  1. Lots of good thoughts coming your way!!!!!!

  2. im thinking of you and praying that the ONE is the ONE!!!!