Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yep, here we go again!

Call me crazy, but I'm going to try to start my second IVF cycle tomorrow. Yes, this means I had my negative beta on Monday and am going in for my baseline on Friday. Yikes! My RE only does five or six cycles a year, and I'm moving in a few months. So this is my chance to have another cycle while I'm still living here. Since I don't want to change doctors for just six months, I'd have to come down and stay at a hotel for the whole cycle if I can't do this one. The key for tomorrow is that I can try again if I don't have any cysts. I'm not very optimistic about this because I'm feeling pressure around my right ovary. Hmm. We'll see tomorrow. The best part of this is that my husband can go with me to my appointment! Yippee!

After the six months that we'll be spending in Missouri, we will be heading off to some new duty station. Who knows where in the Army hat of duty stations we'll pull! So in my spare time when I'm sitting in front of my computer, I check out IVF clinics in the areas we might be going to. We would really like to go overseas which would be fabulous for IVF since Europe is a huge possibility. It's a lot cheaper in many of the countries over there. This got me thinking about the cost of IVF in other countries in general. For example, V and I met while overseas in South Korea (that's a long story). As it happens, I could do four IVFs there for the price of one here! So, I guess the future isn't set. Maybe we'll land somewhere that will either continue the dream or by then add a #2 to the family.

Either way that tomorrow goes, I'm gearing up for round two, moving, and just enjoying my adorable husband.



  1. That's great!!!! Praying for no cysts and that you can just move right into your next cycle!

    That's crazy about the other countries...even if you don't move there I wonder if transportation and lodging in another country in addition to the IVF would be cheaper!

    Going on a vacay to Europe to make a baby sounds fabulous to me!!! :o)