Thursday, November 1, 2012

He has a point.

After my initial freak out over my hubby's suggestion, I came to realize he had a point.

As we've gone through fertility treatments and pregnancy, we have moved twice. When we moved from Louisiana to Missouri, we did an IVF cycle in between having our stuff picked up from our house in LA and delivery of our furniture in Missouri. My rock star hubby, unpacked the whole house by himself while I laid on the couch hoping that my disaster cycle worked. It didn't, but my next cycle did. That wonderful cycle had me knocked up and in my second trimester when we started our move to Alaska. Once again, my hubby was completely protective of us, so he did all of the supervision of the moving, carpet cleaning, and driving of our personal vehicle across to Seattle and up through Canada. The day we closed on our new Alaskan house, I went into labor and was in the hospital while my hubby unpacked and readied everything in the new house. Do you notice a theme here?

Moving is not easy. Even with the Army paying for movers to come and pack up our belongings, there is still a tremendous amount of work required to get everything organized. Besides this, we are going to be selling our house which means continuous house cleaning for several months. Throwing in the logistics of traveling with a toddler 3,487.6 miles...

what the hell am I thinking?

Doing this while I'm pregnant is possible, but I'm pretty sure that it would be much healthier for everyone for me to NOT be pregnant.

So, I'm going to wait.

Although it took me a few days to be 100% sure of the decision, I feel like the pressure is off. Physically, it will give my body time to clear out all of the drugs and feel healthy again. Emotionally, I will have a chance to regroup and try again when I'm not hurried or stressed.

Thanks for weighing in and lending your support.



  1. When you lay it all out like that is does make total sense. I'm glad you're feeling sure of your decision. It sounds like it's the right one for you guys.

  2. I agree it does seem to make better sense to wait. I'm sure it will be hard to wait but I think you will both feel better if the cycle is during a less stressful time :) Good luck moving and settling in.

  3. Boy, it could be done, but it would be tough on everyone. I'm glad you're at peace with it!

  4. Understandable. I'm hoping I'll soon be pregnant but I know it means I'll be moving during the high risk pregnancy. High risk for my age and medical conditions.

  5. Such a hard choice, but I'm glad both of you are on the same page with it. In the end, it's a few months more and it will be so worth it.

  6. It can be so hard to make the logical decision when your heart wants something different. In the grand scheme of things, 7-8 months is not long at all. In the meantime, you've got adorable little E to keep you busy!