Thursday, November 8, 2012


Every week I drive into Anchorage to shop and run errands. Since I live in Wasilla, this means I get to drive about 45 minutes through some spectacular scenery. Today was a major day for us, but we managed to stop on our way home and snap some pictures. 

Right now, it's cold here but there's been a notable lack of snow. This has been a marked difference from our record breaking year last winter. There's just enough moisture to make the landscape freeze white.

These were just some quick snapshots that don't do it justice, but I want you to get a picture of what it looks like up here!



  1. I gotta ask, sorry but have you ever met SP? She is one interesting women. Love the pics!

    1. lol...I haven't. Her house is just a couple of miles away though!

  2. Gorgeous views! Lucky ducky. Drive safe up there :) We are barely getting our second round of snow here.