Sunday, November 11, 2012

The P Words!

There are a couple of P words that are going around our house this weekend. 

P Word #1
Daddy was super surprised during a changing when E burst out with the word "penis!" Of course he then grabbed it. Daddy came out and was like, "What are you teaching him!?!" 

P Word #2
With the 'rents here, we slipped out for a date with other tall humans on Saturday night. When we were on our way home we got a text that E had puked twice. My son is not a puker, so we felt bad that we weren't there to comfort him. 

P Word #3
Today E had the grunt face going on while we were playing. When I asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty, he said yes! So off we went! There was success. :D



  1. Yay for potty success!! That's awesome.

  2. Laughter with the first "P" word.

  3. love the potty success, sorry for the puke and get ready for the constant penis talk! just can't keep their hands off it.

  4. Ah... Another house where the first "P" word is constantly thrown around, handled and obsessed over. Good for a giggle now and then. Congrats on the potty success!