Thursday, October 25, 2012

Figuring it all out *updated*

Well, crap.

We found out this week that we will be PCSing (Army-speak for permanently moving) to Fort Leavenworth near Kansas next summer. To know that we are moving this much in advance is an incredible luxury and I'm suuuuper excited about it!

However, this puts a huge speed bump in our baby making plans. Well it's huge for me because I've been running around trying to figure out if I can fit in FET3 before the holidays. Coincidentally, I can since I got a rip-roaring CD1 yesterday. However, if miracles of miracles occurs and I actually get knocked up this time, I would be due on July 31. That would be the month that we would be scheduled to move.

We can't move the timeline later because we are moving to go to a training that only starts at two points during the year. We can't move it earlier in the year because my hubby needs a specific amount of time in the job that he currently holds. Not hitting the year mark in that position would limit our choices of where we go after the school finishes.

Ultimately if I was a normal pregnant woman or even just a lucky infertile woman, we could swing it. However my crappy cervix precludes us from flippantly running to the doctor to spend thousands of dollars to get pregnant whenever we jolly well feel like it.

So I'm probably going to have to suck it up and wait until January to do the cycle so that the timing works better. I know that it's a mere two months, but I'm oddly compelled to do it now. If I have to bear the disappointment of this not working, I want to be able to move on as soon as possible. Being in limbo just isn't that comfortable.

On the bright side of things....I actually have the opportunity to mull this all over as I have two more beautiful embryos in the cryotanks.



My hubby and I discussed the situation after we put E to bed tonight. He's completely worried about me being pregnant at all while we are moving. When I say at all, I mean that he would prefer me to wait for our final transfer until after we are moved. My initial reaction to waiting ten months is "hell no." However, depending on when our Alaska house sells, this could be sooner. This is a very unexpected twist for me. I'm considering it.



  1. I am sorry that things may be delayed for you in terms of TTC. We are delayed as well due to our upcoming move. It definitely is not fun being delayed. I hope that everything in the end works out perfectly for you & your family.

  2. The waiting game is so hard. Good luck making these decisions.

  3. Ack! The waiting would kill me!! I'll be sending good thoughts your way as you guys try to make this tough decision.

  4. I am so jealous that you already know where you are going to go. We still don't know if J will be able to re-enlist...he is appealing the Cpt's decision to not recommend.

    1. Oh I should clarify. J is a good soldier but it is because of downsizing.

  5. Hi Jen, Firstly, congrats on the move, it sounds like you're excited about it so I'm taking it is good news. Sorry it means you'll have to delay your cycle though. I imagine it will take a bit of thinking time to get your head around that, but once you do I imagine you'll feel good about that too. It means you have a bit of free space before going back into another cycle, which we all know is so emotionally draining, so maybe some downtime wont necessarily be a bad thing. Not what you had planned, no, but not a bad thing all the same??? xx

  6. I hate that you have to be in limbo, but he isn't TOTALLY off base just in that waiting until there is less stess might not be the worst idea ever. Either way, you two will decide what is best for YOU. And hopefully no matter when you do it, the end result will be a success!