Sunday, November 4, 2012

I'm awesome.

I may just be awesome. Check this out.

A few months ago, I mentioned my intention to make E a tent for his birthday. While wasting time channeling my creative desires on Pinterest one day, I came across a tutorial based upon the tent below.

I shopped for fabric, pulled out my sewing machine, and spent about a week of my free time and ended up with this...

He loves it! The best part is that he's in the stage where he thinks he disappears when he's inside the tent. We get a ton of belly laughs from hiding in there.

So while I'm definitely proud of my efforts and delighted that he loves it, I think the project moves into awesomeness category because tonight I saw this in the Land of Nod catalog...

I must admit, it's pretty darn adorable. If I didn't enjoy making things myself or didn't have the time, it would be perfect.

However, the best part of this discovery? Land of Nod tent $149. Mine $50.

I'm awesome!!!


{If you feel so inclined you can access the tutorial for the tent by clicking here.}


  1. You are awesome! Maybe I'll use some of my stay-at-home-not-working time to do that....

  2. That is so cool! I've sent the link to my (very crafty) mom and sister, and bookmarked it for myself; if I ever get around to buying a sewing machine (no way I'd hand-sew this), I bet my daughter Gwen would love it.

  3. That is amazing! Good work. You are awesome!

  4. You are totally awesome!! I love it and I am going to have to make one for my daughter now!! What a lucky little man!