Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A is for Adultery

On the first night my husband met me, he asked me straight out if I had a boyfriend and if I was married. Can you tell that he's a straight shooter? I was taken back a bit because in my little world, I would never be chatting up a guy if I had either. However in my hubby's world....not so much. 

Living in Korea, I saw a lot of servicemen and women who were geographically separated from their families for the year. Similarly in the last decade, multiple back-to-back year-long deployments have meant families are strained and stressed from separations. For example, within a six year time period, my hubby was deployed three years and home three years. These separations put some spouses in a position where they feel the need to cheat. It's not an excuse to do so, but many servicemembers or spouses have gone in that direction. 

So I was not that surprised when I heard about a former general's affair with his biographer. To be fair, he's not part of the military anymore and thus not under Uniform Code of Military Justice. As a reservist, she is though. Within the shitstorm that is brewing, another high ranking officer is also under investigation. 

Unlike some other professions, the UCMJ clearly defines adultery as unacceptable behavior that comes with consequences. So I wonder is, what will really happen to these military members? Will they get a slap on their wrist or will they have real consequences? 

I just don't get it. Why would you ever put your whole career and family on the line just to get some? 



  1. Considering Clinton got a slap on the wrist, I assume they will too. It's so sad. I don't get why you would jeapordize everything for a piece of booty!

  2. I would never cheat on my spouse. My former spouse, however, was in the service and thought nothing of our marriage vows. The military may have a law about it but it isn't often enforced.

    1. That's so interesting to hear your perspective because I have seen many situations where a reduction in rank, ending of a career, or pay garnishment has occurred.

    2. I wonder how often consequences are implemented.

  3. I was wondering the same thing. I personally couldn't imagine disrespecting the life I made with hubby by cheating, but working at the 519th definitely opened my eyes to the lines that get blurred, as there were several servicemembers who would joke about it to me. It was definitely a "red-light" convo on my end. I also got to see some really amazing marraiges though, like yours,Chase, and the LTC so I focused on the encouraging aspects. I really saw your strength when you were dealing with the sick MIL (isn't that right) and admired you both. Hugs, Love!