Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Off the wagon

I fell off the Nablopomo wagon over the last few days. A mysterious bug kicked me right off.

Thankfully I had visitors who allowed me time to curl up under my sheets and lock my door. Yes, I actually have to lock my son out.

I'm not quite sure what triggered this last stage of his, but he's been incredibly mommy-centric.

All snuggles must be with mommy upon every wakeup (like that's horrible or something! lol). In fact when my sister walked into his room yesterday morning, he laid back down and said, "No, mommy."

Also, with family here, there is a certain expectation that I might shut the door when visiting the restroom. E thinks this is obviously unreasonable. He politely knocks on the bathroom door and then immediately throws it open or starts yelling "mooooooommy" if it's locked.

I'm pretty sure that these are common types of toddler behaviors. But, I must admit, I look back at them as some of my favorite moments of the day. It just shows me how strong our bond is which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. My boy loves me.

Tomorrow is prep for Thanksgiving. Yay!



  1. Sorry you are/were under the weather. I hope it's over. I enjoyed this post. My girls are also becoming more and more 'mommy-centric' and I admit sometimes it drives me up the wall. But I love what you say that it just means they love us and too appreciate those moments in the day. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. I swear, everyone I know, myself included, has been hit by a nasty bug this fall. Hope you're feeling better! Little boys are so sweet to their mommies. Love it!

  3. Mine have recently started to cling more than usual as well; I'm hoping it's a stage, as their daddy doesn't even get time with them without a meltdown.

    Hope you're feeling better soon - and have a happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Hope you are feeling good enough to enjoy thanksgiving.

  5. Ha! Monkey is doing the same thing. He actually put his old booster chair next to the bathroom door so he can "talk" to me while I shower ... well, now I've got to blog about it! But yes, we are some lucky mommies ... and our husbands are pretty lucky to have such awesome wives!