Thursday, November 15, 2012

In the mood.

While I'm usually more of a bah humbug type of girl until the Christmas decorations go up, I can't help myself right now. I've already broken out the holiday pajamas, and it's totally my sister's fault! She sent me these... 

The stripes just kill me! I can't help but be cheery! Besides, how could you not after looking at that smiling face?



  1. I have some green and white stripey pjs with red cuffs for Eskil. I LOVE them! I got them online from Hannah Anderson last year, and they were so big that they're actually going to fit for this Christmas too! I'm usually quite bah-humbugy, but I'm quite excited about Christmas in the new house. Eskil still won't understand it, but he'll enjoy ripping the wrapping paper more this year.


  3. OHMYGOSH!!! Those are soo cute! I would have had to put them on my boys too.

  4. Those are some cute jammies. I've already started work on the paper chains and snowflake decorations for my house.

  5. Oh, he's georgeous Jen (the outfit is adorable too!). Made my day to see this ...


  6. Those are freakin' adorable!!!! I put my daughter in stripes last year for her first Christmas and my husband said she looked like a prisoner. LOL

    I couldn't help but notice your side note says you will be moving to KS next year. I'm a native Kansan! Have you been there before? I LOVE it. If you need anything let me know! And I went through IF there so I can recommend some doctors and such depending on where you are going. :-)