Monday, November 5, 2012

Running fail.

With my time off from baby-making established, I decided that this was the prime time to lose some of the weight that I've packed on since I've been married.

I'm the kind of girl that has weight creep up slowly. A few pounds for each fertility treatment, another couple from wanting to crunch something during CIO, general mama-awesome-hood, vacations, very long winters, and well, general laziness and an adoration of food.

I did a great job while I was pregnant with E by only gaining about 15 pounds which I lost within two weeks. Of course, I gained it back....slowly, of course.

With our break, I'm refocusing on getting back in my groove.

I started with tracking all of my food (yeah, not very clean eating right now) and jumping on the treadmill with a Couch to 5K program.

My first run was great. It just felt so good to have those endorphins released. During the run, I had some pain in my right foot which is normal as I overpronate.

When I rolled out of bed the next morning, I could hardly walk on it. Let me tell you, that's NOT a good thing when you have a two year old who is going a little stir-crazy.

So tonight after a few days of letting it heal, I bit the bullet and googled for some information on shoes that help support plantar fasciitus (no spell check, I don't want to change this to fascists). Since it usually recurs and takes a long time to fully heal, I don't want to derail my efforts. So, my googling efforts led me to some great orthotics.


That's just making me feel old.




  1. Ohhh my goodness I had plantar fasciitus for awhile during my second pregnancy... it was excruciating!

    And I've had orthotics since I was 20... don't let them make you feel old:)

  2. If it is less pain, don't feel old and get some relief. I'm stuck in a boot with a broken toe right now. We have to be patient with our bodies. Think of it as pampering your foot. Sort of like a spa but more utilitarian.

  3. I think having a toddler makes you age at least twice as fast! I tripped while running and broke my finger so badly I needed surgery, which really screwed up my running plans for a long while. Keep up with the exercise, though, you'll feel better for it!

  4. I have orthotic inserts for my shoes because I have plantar fasciitis. They do help but sometimes my shoes squeak because the insert doesn't sit tight to the shoe. Oh and you'll have to buy wider shoes most likely because the insert eats up the difference even with removing the insole that comes with the shoes.

  5. If you need 'em get 'em. A few years ago, the cuboid bone on the TOP of my foot was killing me. I ended up going to a pediatrist who x-rayed it, did an MRI, and an MRI with some kind of dye injected into the bloodstream. Then she put me in a boot for six weeks. Then she recommended surgery. I didn't do it. I went to a chiropractor for two months. Nothing helped permanently. THEN by some miracle, I went to a local shoe store (Schuler Shoes in Minneapolis) and they have a staff of pedorthists who sell shoes. This guy cured me. How? By telling me what type of shoes to buy.
    Un-fricking-believable. I won't bore you with the details, but Clarks are excellent - they practically have built-in orthotics. Look for good arch support and a more rigid sole that does not flex much at the toe nor from side to side if you twist the shoe. Sorry to be so boring. I AM old! But my I've got dancing feet now, Baby. (I used to choreograph my high school danceline . . .) So get some good shoes or orthotics and get back in shape, and good for you for taking the first step!