Saturday, November 21, 2009

What kind of question is that?

Dad - You probably don't want to read this one. :)

I forgot to tell you my favorite little tidbit from my acupuncture visit. When I was filling out the lovely doctor's questionnaire, one of the questions was "Are you able to get pregnant? Yes or No"

Well dear doctor, I really have no effing clue. Because here is the deal, I've been shot up with sperm from a glorified turkey baster while I supposedly had six or seven follicles and never got knocked up. Then because I thought it would be fun, I shot myself full of some really expensive [legal] drugs, poked a needle through my ute, and then proceeded to experiment with my eggs not once, but twice....both resulting in a BFN.

So you tell me, Dr. Acupuncture, is it possible that I get pregnant? We're not really sure. However, I'm pretty sure that with my eggs, it is damn near impossible. But with any luck, I might get to try and see if it's possible in January with the help of my dear FairyEggs!

There, take that little check the box question!

And to my fellow bloggers, Happy ICLW!



  1. WOWZAH...what a question!!! I'm not sure what the point of that one was...but I'm praying a big fat YES is in your future soon!!

  2. I'm always amazed at some of the questions on new patient forms that doctors find somehow relevant to my file. Why does my knee doc need to know if I've ever been pregnant? Etc. I hope you wrote all that in the little check box! Haha...

  3. Love the question and your answer! :) So, if I'm a friend, can I still count this as a comment for ICLW! Sorry about not stopping by today, it was a cluster from the beginning! I'm exhausted! :)

  4. Bwahahah! Take that Dr Accupuncturist!


  5. I loved your response. Maybe if the question was "Are you able to get pregnant...
    - without a third party involved"
    - within a reasonable amount of time"
    - without recourse to modern medical science"
    - and then give birth to a real, live baby"
    or something like that, it would have been more helpful. I just think it was not specific enough to be answered easily. Seriously, what was that survey writer thinking? :-)

  6. I hope you told him that this question is offensive!!!!!!

  7. Too funny! You actually put a smile on my face... and that's quite the task these days :-)

    Thank you for all your kind comments during this hard time Jencini!

  8. You made me giggle. It is funny how simple questions have become not so simple during this process.
    I call it turky baster as well but my husband hates me using that term. :-)

  9. Oh my lord! I LOVE those questions (sarcasm)! My favorite was the first time I went to see our doctor for infertiltiy. The question: "What kind of illegal drugs do you use?". They than proceeded to list ALL of them and then have a box for "other"!! Ummmm if I was on crack, would I admit it??

  10. So frustrating! I also hated when I went to get a CT scan (for pain that turned out to be endo) and they were like "could you be pregnant?" And I'm like, well, at any given time I COULD be pregnant, but after 3+ years of TTC, it's also always very unlikely. So they made me postpone the scan so I was far enough in my cycle that I could take (yet another) HPT, and sure enough, BFN! Nice of them to make me get yet another of those--though of course I see their point; a CT scan would've been a bad idea if I had miraculously been pregnant that cycle.