Monday, November 16, 2009

Origins of my Title

Someone asked me the other day how I came up with the title of my blog. Well, the origins of my title are pretty simple. As most of you know, my husband is in the Army. We started working with our Louisiana RE about four months before my husband deployed to the sandbox. I originally thought that we would just have to pause our treatments until SuperNurse told me that we could freeze a bunch of samples and keep going! We were ecstatic.

If you have spent any time around military communities, you know that gossip spreads faster than butter. With my husband in a command position, I was a hot topic with the QueenBee. This of course made me laugh my ass off as I have never had much interest in cashing in on my husband's position because I had a life and successes of my own! Maybe I've just never thought of him as that imposing of a figure as I usually meet all sorts of people who far outrank him. Small fish in a big pond.

The point of this is that my husband and I thought it would be damn funny if I got knocked up when he was away. You know, people can count. They would know that I didn't get knocked up when he was still home. They would know that he hadn't come home for leave. Du, du, duh....they could draw their own conclusions! lol. I would be knocked up by another man!

Of course, I was naive enough to think that it would actually happen when he was away.

Incidentally, I chose "knocked up" because that's how I chose to tell my grandma about the IUIs and IVFs. She's still laughing that those words came out of my mouth to her. :)

And there you have it folks!



  1. It would've been pretty funny if it had happened while he was away - people would think you'd had an affair! I hope you get knocked up so hard in the new year it makes your head spin! (tell that to Grandma!)

  2. My RE is a woman....there's some interesting biology fer ya.... ;)

  3. That's really amusing! I understand what you mean with the whole military rank thing among wives. Most of the time, I steer clear of souse functions, because I am so sick of hearing them try to outrank each other through their husbands. I just want to yell, "Get a life, you poor sad women!" lol Thanks for the laugh!