Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Moving Along

It's a pretty radical change for me to have a fifteen minute phone conversation with my RE instead of driving 2.5 hours each way for my thirty minute appointment. He he he. After finding out that my medical records hadn't arrived because my file was too thick to fax, Dr. Leprechaun and I went over some of my basic medical stats.

Oh, you have high blood pressure? Yes, I know I'm at a higher risk during pregnancy. It's controlled. I don't eat anything with the white death in it!

Do you have any fertility issues in your family? No? That sucks because you're thirty-three. Yes, I agree.

Thankfully, my medical records were sent last week and should be arriving any day now in LA. The list of tests for hubby and I that needs have all been done within the last six months.  Also, FairyEggs will be having a discussion about her medical history and other things with him tomorrow.

We're also on the books for hubby's sperm donation in December during his break. I decided to just use this as an excuse to get back to California for a visit! I've been really wanting to go to Disneyland (a little strange for me) and also get some fabulous Korean food. The tickets are purchased!

So things are moving along albeit in a strange no-appointment way!



  1. An appointment-less appointment....hmmm....I so wish!

  2. Sounds like things are just flowing along! I'm so glad. A trip to Cali sounds nice- December is SO soon!

  3. congratulations...it sounds like everything is coming together! and i am jealous of your cali trip...you're going to have the best time.

  4. progress, progress, progress...

    Sounds like everything is falling into place! Very exciting!!!

  5. I love Disneyland! It really is such a happy place and helps me to forget about "stuff." We are season pass holders, but since my miscarriage, we haven't gone often because of all of the "kids" there. My husband and I think that kids shouldn't be allowed at Disneyland :)

    I wish you the best with everything. You are on your way!