Saturday, November 28, 2009

Floozy Pictures

Today my mother served as the madam of her flock of floozies. hahaha!

One of my favorite pictures as a kid was the old-time tin photo my family took at Sil.verDollar.City in Bran.son. I've always thought we looked a little bit like the pilgrims in fact. You can still see my sister's freckles in the picture as well as my round little four-year-old face. So since we are in the area, we decided to update this shot.

Of course now that we are older and wiser, we thought the appropriate background would be a saloon with floozies and gunslingers! The first costume I put on my husband sent me back to change for one with more cleavage. Boys. The second was this red skirted outfit with black ruffles and just a peek-a-boo of the girls. Perfect! My sister opted for a blue and black lace dress with the perfect little feather adorning her red curls. Mom definitely hit the jackpot in her red and black madam outfit. Hubby and dad both donned gunslinger apparel and sat playing poker. Classic!

How about that family picture? Yep, this one is slightly unconventional.



  1. That sounds like a fun picture and a memory to treasure forever. Congrats on the Alaska base. We went on an Alaska cruise last year and thought it was fabulous but a bit to cold for anything permanent.

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great time. My sister, niece and my sister's boyfriend did that when we were in Wisconsin Dells this past summer. It turned out super cute! You should post it so we can see!

  3. I'm not sure how to contact you... but I've been following your blog... and I lover it! But I have also been following IVFYOU. And all the sudden, She's GONE. WTH!?! Do you know? (I know this sounds pretty odd) but I was big fired up to see what her beta results were going to be Monday :(

  4. Danielle - Wow, I don't know what happened to I-V-F you! I know that her last post said her beta was a 6. :( Perhaps she deleted her blog... Ug, I hope she is okay. I put my email on the side now so that you can contact me if need be!